Samsung Galaxy A50 Review: The New Budget Smartphone to Beat

Samsung Galaxy A50 Review The New Budget Smartphone to Beat

Now, everybody is at any rate mindful of Samsung’s leader Galaxy S telephones like the Galaxy S10 and S10+, and its somewhat more affordable kin, the £670 Galaxy S10e. Be that as it may, when you look past those for something considerably progressively reasonable, Samsung’s portfolio gets muddled genuine speedy. Also, between Samsung’s different spending plans and mid-extend contributions, there are a bewildering number of telephones that all sort of appears the equivalent.

Galaxy A50

What is it?: A financial limit/mid-extend telephone from Samsung Price: £310 Like: Big OLED screen, thin bezels, double back camera, microSD card opening, earphone jacks, extraordinary battery life Don’t Like: No sound system speakers or water-opposition, in-show unique mark peruser is finicky

With the Galaxy A50, Samsung is getting out of the messiness and pursuing the absolute best spending plan and mid-extend handsets available. With a retail cost of £310, the Galaxy A50 spaces flawlessly between the £240 Moto G7 and the £400 Pixel 3a. It likewise fuses a few highlights the other two don’t have, as double back cameras and an in-show unique mark peruser.

All things considered, the Galaxy A50 looks very like the Moto G7. The two telephones have selfie cams that sit on a focal score that dunks into their screens, enormous, generally bezel-less shows, and smoothly adjusted backs.

In any case, when you look nearer, you start to see that everything looks and feels more cleaned on the Galaxy A50. The A50’s bezels are slimmer, its jaw is littler, and regardless of being a similar size, Samsung packed a 6.4-inch 2340 x 1080 OLED screen onto the Galaxy A50, while the Moto G7 needs to manage with a 6.2-inch 2270 x 1080 LCD. So not exclusively is the A50’s screen greater, it’s more brilliant and increasingly beautiful as well.

The two telephones accompany earphone jacks and microSD card spaces for expandable capacity. However, in back, the A50 highlights a 25-MP essential camera, alongside an 8-MP 123-degree wide-point camera and a reward 5-MP profundity detecting camera to help with picture style shots. That is a decent improvement over the single cams found on essentially every other telephone right now. And keeping in mind that the A50’s back is plastic rather than glass like you jump on the G7, Samsung formally calls that material “classic” (I’m dead serious), and it’s damn difficult to differentiate.

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Samsung Galaxy A50 Review The New Budget Smartphone to Beat

As far as photography, the Galaxy A50 reliably bested the G7 as well, because of by and large better sharpness, shading immersion, and especially, low-light execution. Truly, in pretty much every way, the A50 is only a superior gadget than the Moto G7.

Notwithstanding, when set facing the Pixel 3a, the Galaxy A50 misses the mark. Even though it has one less camera in back, the Pixel 3a’s photograph quality is way better, delivering shots with preferable subtleties and clearness over some other telephone right now.

The Galaxy A50 one next to the other against its greatest rivals: the Pixel 3a (left) and the Moto G7 (right).

Take, for instance, a fix of certain blossoms taken by the two telephones (See the exhibition beneath). While the A50’s shot is splendid and clear, its shading immersion overpowers subtleties like the wrinkles on the blossoms’ petals. What’s more, in low-light, the Pixel 3a conveys better affectability, bringing about a more splendid, all the more very much uncovered pic. Since the A50 doesn’t have a committed night mode, turning on the Pixel 3a’s Night Sight makes the hole in picture quality between the two telephones much increasingly outrageous.

It’s a comparative story for execution, where on benchmarks like WebXPRT 2015, Geekbench 4, and 3DMark, the A50 and Moto G7 turned in tantamount outcomes. On Geekbench 4, the Galaxy A50 (5,536) defeated the Moto G7 (4,624), which echoes true execution where the G7 experiences slacker and UI falter than the A50. The Pixel 3a is the smoothest of the bundle on account of its Snapdragon 670 chip (versus the Exynos 9610 in the A50). It scores essentially better in 3DMark’s slingshot Unlimited test (the Pixel 3a hit 2,581, which is 50 percent higher than the A50’s score of 1,682).

While the A50's picture looks better from far off, if you focus in on the mime’s face, its simple to see where the Pixel 3a caught more subtleties.

While the A50’s image looks better from far off, on the off chance that you focus in on the emulate’s face, its simple to see where the Pixel 3a caught more subtleties.

What’s more, with regards to battery life, with a period of 12 hours and 17 minutes on our video summary test, the Galaxy A50’s 4,000 mAh battery completely squashed the G7’s sign of 9:29. In the interim, the Pixel 3a fared scarcely more terrible at 11:51, while the bigger Pixel 3a XL was a small piece better with a period of 12:43.

This pecking order even stretches out to highlights like the speaker (or speakers) on each telephone, because while the Moto G7 and Galaxy A50 have mono speakers, the Pixel 3a offers genuine sound system sound. (Although I should bring up that not at all like the other two, the Pixel 3a doesn’t have an SD card opening.)

Ideally, Samsung can improve the A50’s in-screen unique finger impression sensor through an update, as its the main element on the whole telephone that gave me any difficulty.

The A50’s just main problem is its in-show unique mark sensor. I need to give Samsung kudos for putting such a nerd highlight on a careful spending plan gadget, however, as far as I can tell, utilizing it very well may be a piece all in or all out. Regularly, it had no issue perusing my digits, however, at times, it took three or four taps to open the telephone. Also, much after re-enrolling my prints on various occasions, I was unable to fix the issue.

The most significant factor in figuring out which one of these gadgets to purchase is cost. The £310 Galaxy A50 is preferred each route over the £240 Moto G7, yet it costs £70 more. At that point, there’s the Pixel 3a. At £400, it’s to a greater extent a mid-extend gadget. Then again, it has sound system speakers, unrivaled execution, and the best camera of the part.

Critically, it appears as though Samsung is investing more energy into its moderate telephones. With the cost of current lead telephones pushing £1,000 or progressively, expanded rivalry in the financial limit/mid-extend sections is something to celebrate.


No type of water-opposition is somewhat of a bummer, and it is the one little preferred position the G7 has over the Galaxy A50.

While the A50 has three cameras in back, just two of those are practical, as the third is saved for profundity detecting and representation impacts.

The Galaxy A50 is incredibly modest with an in-show unique finger impression sensor. Tragically, that sensor can be fairly volatile.


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